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Revolutionary design

Modern multi boiler coffee machines have had a traditional boiler system that has not changed in many years – it stores and reboils the same water reducing the oxygen content,through the boiling process.

The last 30 years have seen evolution to the aesthetics of the coffee machine and minor updates. Tech-Bar reinvents how water is heated and handled. No longer is water stored in a tank and constantly reheated, changing its integrity.

Through the revolutionary design, water is dispensed directly from the main water supply delivering freshly filtered water to the Grouphead.

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Your machine, your way.

The last decade has seen a change in coffee consumption, with smaller and more nimble cafes and kiosks popping up across cities and suburbs to meet demand. This has led to different requirements to be successful in business.

In answer to this, Tech Bar has reinvented the way we do coffee. Using our same state-of-the-art technology, we made our Tech-Bar modular, allowing you to customise your perfect configuration, regardless of size or space.

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Benefits to freshly delivered water

  • Oxygen remains in the water enhancing the coffee flavour.
  • Uses only freshly filtered water for every shot.
  • Ability to purge the thermodynamic head in 3 seconds with the push of a button.
  • Easy to control and manage.
  • The Barista is able to adjust the temperature with ease.

Keep up with demand

Never run out of hot water or steam again. The Tech-Bar draws its boiling water and steam from its boiler which means you will always have a constant supply.