Exporting to the world

It is not just in Melbourne or Australia where our customised coffee machine systems have seen success. On the global stage, we currently export around the world.

Reinventing the way you work

The last decade has seen an explosion and evolution in the development of coffee consumption. Especially in the world’s coffee capital, Melbourne, Australia. We have been at the forefront of the development, evolution, innovation and creation of new systems and technologies to accommodate the ever-increasing demand in coffee.

Australian Made and Designed

Tech-Bar was not only designed, created and manufactured in Australia, but it has also taken out numerous awards. It was declared the winner of the Fine Foods Australia Most Innovative New Australian Product Award 2015.

It is hand made and manufactured to precision in Melbourne where the product has evolved and has now been seen as a necessity.

What is Tech-Bar?

Tech Bar is the latest development which combines sleek elegant design with modern technology to produce a revolutionary new coffee platform. Tech-bar was developed by Coffee Machine Technologies working in conjunction with Elektra. Combining superior Italian technology with a modern design for the Australian market.

The unique patented design was developed with customer interaction and engagement in mind. By moving the bulky boiler under bench it allows for the coffee machine to be hidden away. Thus, freeing up additional bench space and allowing better interaction between the customer and barista.

Tech-bar is a modular and expandable unit that allows you to expand your capacity without having to upgrade your coffee machine. Being modular, the unit is customisable and able to be designed to fit in most spaces Even those where a traditional machine could not fit! It can even be finished in different colours and effects which will allow it to stand out and be a feature or blend into your existing site.

Why Tech-Bar?

Over the last thirty years, the coffee machine has evolved quite substantially. It has improved its design, its boiler system, electronics and capacity to meet the ever-increasing demands that we now require. The coffee machine design has remained unchanged for years. It was always a large unit that sat proudly on the bench of any cafe, restaurant, bar, hotel or venue.

The main problem with this is that it takes up a lot of bench space. It also prevents customers and baristas from talking freely and exchanging conversations. The barista is often hidden behind this big machine unable to see much of what is going on.

It is then, only logical that we need to change this. The innovative design allows us to not only free up bench space but create new solutions that were not once available. The flexibility of having the boiler under the bench (even away from the units) allows for a coffee machine to be installed in a place that was once not accessible.