A new approach to making coffee

In the world of coffee, water is the most important element as it is used to make the steam and to extract the coffee. Thus Techbar makes sure that the water is delivered fresh from the water source without being in direct contact with any heating elements. This ensures water molecules are not changed, creating maximum taste and quality in the water.

The ability to also purge the water from the group head ensures that only the best water is delivered, making for the perfect extraction.

Group Heads

Thermally Insulated Group Heads

Conserves valuable energy by heating only the extraction water. This means no loss of temperature allowing energy saving of at least 40% less than a conventional machine. The integrated pre-heating system of the Tech-Bar is designed to maximize the efficiency of the coffee-making process. The extremely quick reaction time of the temperature control and precision extraction of freshly filtered water, ensure fast production. This results in beverages of the highest quality.

Thernodynamic Group Heads

The group heads are independently heated and separated from the steam production boiler and hot water. In turn, saving energy and increasing efficiency. The onboard touchscreen technology allows the barista to navigate and adjust every setting with great ease.

Easy to Control

With touch screens, everything is able to be adjusted in real-time at the touch of a button. The barista is in complete control with the ability to enter either competition or traditional mode. In competition mode, the barista has the power to manually adjust, in real-time, the brew temperature, time and dosage of each shot.

Display Information

Each group head has its own individual touch screen which gives the barista the control to adjust and customise the settings to their liking to ensure that perfect cup. After each shot, the display panel provides the extraction time and the amount of coffee extracted. The display panel also allows you to control the cup warmer and light function on the unit.

Milk Dispenser

Precision dispensing

The milk dispenser fills your jug accurately. Instead of manually pouring milk, you simply place a milk jug on the dispenser. The milk dispenser recognises the size of the jug and fills it to the level you have pre-set. The milk dispenser pours 2 types of milk and each pour is accurate to 1 ml – the milk wastage from the manual over-pouring is reduced.

This innovative solution will save you a lot of dollars and man-hours.

Steam Wands

Hot Water and Steam

Never run out of hot water or steam again. The Tech-Bar draws its boiling water and steam from its boiler which means you will always have a constant supply.

Under Bench Unit

Under Bench Boiler

The under bench boiler is provided with patented thermal insulation material. This supports the delivery groups and the boiler ensures higher thermal efficiency. The under bench boiler produces hot water for tea of better quality as the water is drawn from the main water supply.

The under bench boiler has 2 group boilers, a capacity of 12 L and a steam boiler power of 3500 W.